About us

VIPweapons was established not as a clan, but as a group of friends who just wanted to get together and play games online.  Our current game is Call of Duty: United Offensive.  Yes, we know this is a 7 year old game, but we’ve made a Modern Weapons mod for it that really makes playing it fun. We welcome players of all ages and nationalities.

We are not a clan in the traditional sense.  There are no ranks, no tasks to complete, no elitism over other members.  Players need to earn their respect among their peers.  We don’t care if you have the highest score, or how many headshots you have.

Server Rules:

  1. Speak to other players with respect.  No harassing, racial slurs, or homophobic comments.
  2. No hacking or cheating.  We will ban you.
  3. Don’t accuse people of hacking or cheating unless you have proof.
  4. Don’t interrupt other players gameplay:
    1. Blocking doorways
    2. Teamkilling
  5. Don’t recruit for your clan/group on our server.