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    About myself, when writing this I have the age of 42, married and have a beautiful daughter. I enjoy watching soccer and also like to play it indoor (Futsal). I’m working as a Application Architect at a local government in the Netherlands. Besides of playing COD UO one of my ‘hobbies’ is watching movies and series.
    After playing COD UO for years in multiple servers, VIP server was the only server that would stick around. Getting to know some of you made it more fun to play with. As a person that likes to be involved and wants to do something back for communities, I assisted in multiple ways. When the VIP head admins decided to stop admin the server and where trying to find a new head admin, otherwise it would be closed, I bought the server and started manage things.
    I hope all of you will enjoy playing the VIP server for many years!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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