The best is that we don’t need rules and we all can get along. But the reality makes it necessary to have rules. We all want to have fun and the server is open to anyone who also wants to have fun with us. Therefor we have some basic rules. No rocket science, just common sense.

  • Rule #1: Speak to and treat others with respect
  • Rule #2: No offensive, racial, or homophobic language
  • Rule #3: No hacking or cheating
  • Rule #4: Don’t accuse people of hacking or cheating unless you have proof
  • Rule #5: Don’t interrupt others gameplay
  • Rule #6: Don’t recruit for your clan/group on this server
  • Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers
  • Rule #8: Only talk English at VIP server and Teamspeak

Not a numbered rule, but this explains the common sense part a bit more:
Admins are assigned to keep an eye on the server and to make sure everyone can have fun and respect the rules. They are also available if you need any help. We expect that you will respect admins when they need to guide a situation, of course within the boundries and the spirit of the server. If you feel not comfortable by the way you where threatent by admins and/ or other players, you can always inform Smokey about it. Be aware that he has a day job to and be aware that your own behavior has influence on others….. 😉

We mostly use Discord and Teamspeak to talk and chat. The rules also apply on these channels. These channels should also be safe for children and be a fun place to be. So no swearing, not beeing rudes, calling names, etc.