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    How to record demos while playing?
    Open Console with ~ or ^.

    Type /record [demoname] to start record.

    Type /stoprecord to stop record.

    The demoname is additional, if you dont use a demoname, demos will be saved under demo0000.dm_2, demo0001.dm_2,demo0003.dm_2, etc.

    Demos will be saved in the folder demos in your UO folder (ex. Program Files/Call of Duty/uo/demos or SteamApps/common/Call of Duty/uo/demos).

    How to view demos?
    Download the demo and drag it into your CoD or UO demos folder (If there is no demos folder you have to create one, name it ”demos”). Drag the dm_3 demos into your UO/demos folder.

    [Default CoD Directory – C:/Program Files/Call of Duty/Main/Demos/]

    [Default UO Directory – C:/Program Files/Call of Duty/UO/Demos/]

    Open CoD UO and when you’re at the main menu open console with the button below escape (`) and/or (~).

    If you dragged the demo in your demos folder it should have got the name (I take Dawnville as example) Dawnville1.dm_3

    Type in console ‘/demo Dawnville1’ Do not put the extension (.dm_3) behind it, just leave that.

    Now you can watch the demos!

    Alternative method to view demos
    You can play .dm demo files with this, for free.

    Just make sure you go to options first and setup codmp game path and demo directory.

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