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    [VIP] has an amazing community of all ages, genders and nationalities. To ensure the future well-being of our community, the Admins have listed a set of guidelines.
    These are intended to ensure everyone has a pleasant stay on our website. And to avoid any situations.
    We therefor ask you to carefully read the guidelines.



    1. No extremist, radical, racist or discriminating posts/content.
    2. No adult- or pornographic content
    3. Respect your fellow player(s) and their opinion.
    4. Avoid using foul language & cursing.
    5. In case of an argument, remain calm. Try to resolve the situation in a proper manner, even when the counterpart does not.
    6. Use caution with external links and content.
    7. [VIP] is an international server and clan. Therefor, English is the spoken and written language on its platforms.
    8. Post your threads in the dedicated forum sub-categories. If you are unsure where to post, post it on the General Section and a moderator will move the post if necessary.
    9. Avoid ‘Post Necromancy’. Do not revive old, inactive posts which have not been locked.
    10. No “Post Hijacking”. Stay on-topic. If you wish to change the subject, make a new thread.



      1. Try to avoid excessive CAPS-LOCK posts. You can highlight certain phrases or words but try to keep to a minimum.
      2. Try to avoid ‘Empty Replies’. Make replies that contribute to the post.
      3. Try to avoid ‘Reply Copying’. Check if someone else has already given the correct answer to someone question/problem. You can always verify the solution but no needs for exact copies.
      4. When sharing third-party’s content, make sure you do not violate any copyrights.


    The Admins expect you to follow the guidelines when using our website and its forums. Appropriate action(s) will be taken against violations of the guidelines.
    Following actions can be taken, depending on which violation(s):

    • – Censorship of the posts, phrases or individual words
    • – Removal of your reply
    • – Locking of the post, thus preventing future replies
    • – Removal of the post, with all its replies
    • – Termination of your forum account –> BANNED
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