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    In CoDUO, one has the ability to add colours to his/her name ingame. Many however still don’t know the little secrets behind them. For this, I will explain:

    How to add a color:
    For example your name is “Eddie”.
    With nothing added, it will appear in your teamcolour in the chatbox, kill-log and the kill-message. It will appear in white while watching the scoreboard.

    To add colour, you type “^” followed by a number ranging from 1 to 9.
    Each number will give you a different colour.
    ^1 = red
    ^2 = green
    ^3 = yellow
    ^4 = blue
    ^5 = light blue
    ^6 = purple
    ^7 = no effect
    ^8 is a colour that changes depending what level you are on.
    American maps = Dark Green
    Russian maps =Dark red/marroon
    British maps = Dark Blue
    ^9 = grey
    ^0 = black (only works as special effect)

    So back to our example, if you should type “^1Eddie”, your name will become red. However this will only affect your name in the scoreboard and kill-message. It is possible to add multiple colours
    to your name! So for example: “^1E^2dd^1ie”. This will make the “E” red, the “dd” green”, and the “ie” will turn red again. Again, this will only affect your name in the scoreboard and kill-message.

    NOTE: This also works in Binds and game chat.
    You have to follow the same steps to add colours.

    How to add special effects:
    As described above, the effect only appears in the scoreboard and the kill-message another player receives on his bottom-screen when he kills you. However there is a way to also make it appear in the kill-log and the game chat. One must note that it will your name in the scoreboard and kill-message will have another appearance.

    So back to Eddie, typing the following: “^^11Eddie”. This will result showing “Eddie” in red in the game chat and kill-log. However in the scoreboard and kill-message, it will show your name as “^1Eddie”. One cannot remove the “^1” as it will remove your effect in the game chat and kill-log. Yet in all these mentioned, your name will appear in red. Again the same numbers apply to the same colour as stated above.

    NOTE: you can only add the colour black to your name using this method.

    Now there is one more little effect that few people know of. Let’s go back to Eddie. If I should type “^^12Eddie”, it would give the following result: In the scoreboard and kill-message, it will show “^^2Eddie” in red. However in game chat and kill-log, it will say “Eddie” in green! So the first colour will affect your scoreboard and kill message. However the “^2” will remain. But in game chat and kill log, it will show the second colour which is green.

    Again all colours can be used as stated above.

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