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    If you ever want to record your own gameplay or someone else’s gameplay, you could use the GeForce Experience App. This works when you have a Nvidia GeForce card in your PC/laptop.

    When you have downloaded the GeForce Experience App (most of the times your PC/laptop already has it installed), you can make an account.
    (If not installed, then through this link you can download the App as well:
    The GeForce Experience App will do a game scan and will find the games that are supported by the app. COD UO isn’t supported, so below is a guide to how you can still record the game.

    1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel. You can do this by right mouse clicking on the Nvidia icon in your task bar and then click on ‘Nvidia Control Panel.


    2. You will now get the control panel screen.

    3. In the global settings, make sure you set the preferred graphics processor to ‘High-performance NVIDIA processor’.


    4. Now, you can click on the ‘Program Settings’.

    5. At the first step: ‘Select a program to customise’, click on ‘add’.

    6. Click on ‘COD UO’ and then click on ‘Add Selected Program’.

    7. You will get back to the control panel now and then you only need to make sure that at the second step, you have selected ‘Use global setting (High-performance NVIDIA processor)’.


    8. Once you have done that, you can click on the ‘Apply’ button.

    9. Now you can open COD UO and when clicking on ‘Alt + Z’, you can start recording!