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    OBS is a free recording software, which is able to record your screen at any time you want. It also allows you to add your webcam, if you want to add that for some reason.

    OBS can be downloaded through the following website link:


    When you have downloaded the program successfully, you will get the following screen.

    It may look quite difficult at first, but it is very easy to use. To start screen recording you need to look at the bottom of the screen and click on the ‘plus’ icon at the source options.


    When you have done so, you are able to select numerous ways of recording, but for now, the most common way is to use ‘Display Capture’. By selecting this, you will able to record your screen, since it will capture your display.

    Once you have selected ‘Display Capture’, you need to select ‘ok’.


    Then, if done correctly, you will get the following screen below. This screen looks quite weird, because it is now showing the screen double, since it shows the screen you would see when you screen record. Anyway, select ‘ok’ again.

    Now, you are able to screen record. By selecting ‘Start recording’ at the bottom right, it will start recording your screen automatically.

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