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    Written by Fluminis, reposted by SmokeyJr

    A quick update:

    ICE has told me he has problems with the OpenVisualTraceroute tool I provided. It will not pick up all of his routing to the server but a quick check with Windows Command Prompt does? Don’t know why so I’ve removed the download and replaced it with a very simple alternative tool. It’s fast once installed, just hope it works for you? Previously Goob has posted a traceroute tool he uses so check it out as well.

    Hey All,

    First of all I know a lot of Players have ping issues and unfortunately they are not always easy to understand, so many elements in the equation.

    One way to see what’s going on, it’s been posted many times, is Lag-O-Meter;
    Open console (~ or ` key), to switch on type – /cg_lagometer 1, to switch off type – /cg_lagometer 0 (zero) . Top blue of graph is server end, bottom green is your end, coloured spikes indicates issues.


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    One point to understand is that IP addresses are notorious for having the wrong locations. This is due to ISP’s, when they have them, not notifying the companies who manage the IP address databases, in UK & Europe it’s RIPE,in USA it’s ARIN, elsewhere others, just Google it.

    So if you use this tool be aware of above, however it can help to see what’s going on. If you want me to talk you through it just ask here and I’ll be happy to help you.

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