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    Well here is the latest yet greatest version (v2.0.2), using Windows RoboCopy function that can quickly and safely move the files to the desired “holding” folder.

    I developed this batch file to easily get rid of old maps from the uo folder. I have not tested with earlier versions of windows but should work with win 2000 and up according to what I read on MicroSoft’s documentation. I have tested on Windows 7 Pro but the docs say it can run on anything from Windows XP and up but let me know if anything fails.

    Quote from docs: “Robocopy XP027 is a standard command in Windows 7 and above. The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools include Robocopy P010, which can be run on NT 4/ Windows 2000. Robocopy does not run on Windows 95, or NT 3.5. (Robocopy is a Unicode application). The Microsoft Robocopy GUI will install Robocopy XP026 to C:\Windows\system32, this version can can run on older OS’s, and includes some features from XP027 (/BYTES) but has competely broken errorlevel handling.”

    Save the file, extract the file somewhere on your computer.
    Right click on the file ‘VIP-coduo-map-purge-v2.0.1.bat’ and choose edit. Change the default backup folder location and CoD UO map folder location I have written in the file.

    Run the file anytime you need to purge the old maps, cache AND tmp files out.

    If you run into trouble let me know and I can help you fix the problem but please include the log file it saves in the backup folder to narrow down any problems.

    If your system stores the maps in the hidden secured folder in AppData, open the run command and type “%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)” and press enter, once there open a folder named Call of Duty (or whatever your CoD install folder was named) and then open the uo folder. Copy the path and paste it in the batch file for your CoD map path.

    Here is the program (v2.0.2) with Steam help and RoboCopy documentation.

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    I left the older versions attached if needed however I recommend using the latest version.


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