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    Server rules, short version:
    Rule #1: Speak to and treat others with respect.
    Rule #2: No offensive, racial, or homophobic language. No WTF, OMFG, FAK etc.
    Rule #3: No hacking or cheating.
    Rule #4: Don’t accuse people of hacking or cheating unless you have proof
    Rule #5: Don’t interrupt others gameplay
    Rule #6: Don’t recruit for your clan/group on this server
    Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers
    Rule #8: Only talk English at VIP server and Ventrilo

    To clarify the current server rules, some explanation:

    Rules number 1 and 2:
    You don’t use foul language. Slips happen, but control your tongue. Bypassing or excessive “Beeps” of the swear filter are not allowed, nor excessive WTF, or OMFG type chat etc. This is a server where also kids play!

    Rules number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
    DO NOT act like an idiot or jerk in general. This is a catch-all and is handled at the discretion of our Admins.

    Rule number 6
    Other clans are most welcome to play at VIP server. We already had a lot of fun with other server members in clan fights. But advertising or trying to encourage players to go to a different server isn’t alowed.

    Rule number 7
    Just don’t advertise, simple as that.

    Rule number 8
    We added this rule because if everyone is going to talk in his or her own language, a lot of people don’t understand it at all. English is the most common language in the world, so we will use that as default. Of course if a (new) player can’t understand English and someone can help the player in his own language, we won’t make a problem of it.

    Finally, if an Admin tells you to stop doing something, then just stop doing it. This isn’t rocket science. The Admins are in charge and they enforce the rules. If you’re doing something annoying that others are getting frustrated with and you don’t listen when they tell you stop, then the Admin calls the shots. Our Admins are reasonable people so do what you’re told so the game is fun for everyone. Don’t argue with Admins. If you got any dispute, post a topic at our forum or send Smokey an email and we will sort it out. We pay for and maintain our server, so we get to make our rules. If you want to make up your own rules, feel free to start and pay for your own server.

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