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    Here is a script I have that can toggle your fire button from shoot to bash and back just by pressing a key you bind it to, kinda useful in a bash game lol!

    Here is the code in it.

    set secJ “vstr secJ01”
    bind KEY “vstr secJ”
    set secJ01 “bind mouse1 +melee; echo Mouse1 now melees; set secJ vstr secJ02”
    set secJ02 “bind mouse1 +attack; echo Mouse1 now shoots; set secJ vstr secJ01”

    Open notepad and copy the code above into it. Change the word “KEY” on the second line to any free key you want to bind it to.

    Click “File” then “Save As”

    Browse to your cod\uo folder. Type in the file name “shoottobash.cfg”, switch “Save as type” to “All Files” and press “Save”.

    Run the game and go to our server, once there pull down the console with the tilde (~) key and type this: exec shoottobash

    Now all you do is press the key you chose and you can switch back and forth from shoot to bash on the left mouse button.

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