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    First you need to know what the highest possible resolution for you monitor is. If you don’t know already, go system control -> display -> resolution.

    Now go to your Call of Duty directory, enter the “uo” folder and open config_mp.cfg with any texteditor, also change the config_mp.cfg located in the New_VIP3.xx folder.

    Look for these three entries:

    1. seta r_mode “-1” <- Put in -1 (it is needed for custom resolutions)

    2. seta r_customheight “y” <- Put in your resolutions y-axis

    3. seta r_customwidth “x” <- Put in your resolutions x-axis

    So for example if your monitor and graphic card supports full hd, fill in:
    seta r_mode “-1”
    seta r_customheight “1080”
    seta r_customwidth “1920”

    Save it, close it, start game and it is done.

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